Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let's remove water instead of dewatering

Questionable word: "dewatering"
Citation: White House Press Release, September 12, 2005. "
President, Lieutenant General Honore Discuss Hurricane Relief in Louisiana North Claiborne and Cleveland Streets
New Orleans, Louisiana."
Usage: In third paragraph, "And we just came through an area that had had substantial water in it, and the dewatering is an indication that the city is moving forward."
Recommendation: "water removal" or "removal of water"
Rationale: This is a quote directly from the President during extemporaneous comments, so you probably have to use what he said, verbatim. However, written comments for the President might have been a better route: Mr. Bush isn't nearly as effective speaking off-the-cuff as he is when given something to say. My hope is that editors would paraphrase for him and not use the bureaucratic-sounding "dewatering."

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