Thursday, January 05, 2006

Abramoff spurs cliché pile-on

Questionable Phrase: "waiting for the other shoe to drop," a cliché
Citation: Various television and cable news programs
Usage: Referring to politicians worried about their possible connection with lobbyist Jack Abramoff after his indictment in Washington, D.C. for corruption. Now that he has been indicted, members of Congress and their staff are waiting to hear if they might also be affected.

Comments: Use of this phrase is a clear case of piling on by journalists. Every cable news program I watched for several days used this cliché to describe the worry members of Congress and their staff feel over their possible exposure to legal action based on their connections or work with Abramoff.

Come on, folks, dig down into your bag of metaphors and find a different way to say this! If you want to stick with clichés, how about "tag - you're it"? Or "knock-knock, who's there?" But a better choice would be to come up with something new. Maybe, "waiting to see where lightning strikes next" or "waiting in line at the will-call window, but hoping they're sold out."


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