Sunday, September 25, 2005

Time is precious and so is language

I ran into a great new expression that I just had to share it with you! Thus, my second post on language of the day.

Quotable expression: "time precious"
Citation: "What Are Some Blogs About?" by Peter Brady, Ads on Blogs, Friday, September 23, 2005.
Usage: Third paragraph: "What I do know is that most people are time precious and want to know what a blog is about within seconds of landing on a home page." [color text mine]
Recommendation: Use as is and give Peter Brady a pat on the back.
Rationale: You hear about people who are "time conscious" and "time sensitive," but can you recall ever hearing about someone who is time precious? It's a great addition to our language that expresses with far more immediacy how critical time is for many people -- it's precious.

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Thanks for your kind post.

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